Felicia Garcia, she was a sophomore at my high school. Yesterday she decided she was going to take her life, so she jumped in front of the train that everyone takes to go home. The kids I go to school with watched her jump. Her last words were “finally” as the train came. My friends watched her, saw her lifeless body on the tracks, her English teacher saw her and broke down. People genuinely cared about her. However, she was tortured. She was secretly filmed when she had sex with one of the guys on the football team. Basically she was bullied to death. The entire football team tortured this sweet girl. Today, not even 24 hours later, I walked the halls hearing everyone talk so much shit about her. She was a slut, a whore, a skank and a typical Tottenville tramp. Occasionally you’d hear someone say, you don’t know anything about her, don’t believe everything you hear/read. I snapped at someone today because I over heard them talking bad about her. They wouldn’t even say her name over the loud speaker. Just a student fatally struck by a train. Felicia, her parents were dead and she was in foster care, these kids have no idea what she went through. You have no idea how hard it is to come to the decision in taking your life. They have no idea the struggles people like her and myself have faced. Doing what she did, yeah, it could have been prevented but not a single person stopped those guys from doing what they did. It was so rare today to see people actually affected by her death. It was so over looked. No one really gave her the respect she deserved. I was so annoyed and frustrated all day by the way people acted. I was even interviewed by my towns paper and told them not a single person was giving her the respect she deserved. Not even acknowledging her by her name. She was just a student. I want to do something, raise some sort of awareness about this. She wasn’t the first person to kill herself, just last year a girl jumped in front of a bus from a neighboring high school. Suicide rates are sky rocketing and no one seems to give a shit, not a single person actually gives a fuck about their actions. No one takes this seriously and it’s sickening. Something has to be done about the ignorance. I can’t stand these people I see everyday not realize that things like this happen, it’s real and the fact that Felicia had to die for a smidge of a wake up call is unbelievably upsetting. As I’m writing this, Felicia’s photo just came on the TV ” was a teen bullied to death, more at 11.” I have this impulse to do more about this. Raise awareness, start something… anything but I have no idea how to even go about this, I just want to do something. I’ve been there, I’ve contemplated suicide for years and watching the reactions of my school, I have to do something.. I’m sorry to the friends of Felicia and the family she had, I’m sorry that she thought suicide was her only option, I’m sorry for the way people reacted to her death. I’m sorry that no one could help her… RIP Felicia, I may not have known you personally but I remember seeing your smile around school, and I’ll try my best to make sure you rest in peace. 

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    R.I.P to my babygirl Felicia
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